The awesome developers who love what they are doing.

The people who are just starting to code. (Welcome, it’s a fun journey!)

The people who are constantly learning new and fun things.

The people who constantly hit bug after bug, but are excited when the bug has changed. (I can’t be the only one right?)

The open source devs who are constantly trying their hardest and have to keep fighting off Github comment trolls.

The indie hackers who are making their own products wherever they want to.

The freelance developers making awesome sites for their clients.

Those who know it’s not a great idea to push to production on a Friday afternoon.

The people who love to code, maybe too much, and keep making side projects while your wife says that you should probably find a new hobby.

We are all DVLPRs.

DVLPR is a one-man shop, run by Travis Werbelow.

Travis Werbelow DVLPR® Founder

If you like what DVLPR offers, or know someone who might, please share with your friends and co-workers.

If you have any feedback, questions, comments or whatever, feel free to email me at travis [at]

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