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How To Avoid TestFlight Beta App Reviews

We all know how painful the process of getting an iOS app prepped for the AppStore is, and in the process of testing my most recent app, I ran into a big issue with the newer version of TestFlight, apps have to be reviewed before beta testing…what?! 
Here is a tip that will save you lots of frustration and time. 
While you can’t avoid the app being reviewed for the very first version, you can avoid it for future uploads. 
Each time you submit an upload, make sure the version number stays the same, and increase the build number.  For this to work, be sure the version number is the same number as the approved version number in TestFlight. 
After you have uploaded the new build to TestFlight, you will click the submit for review link under the External testers column. Once you do that, you will see the same screen as the last time you submitted for approval, but this time you should also see the Build Changes section. (see below) If you don’t see this, you did something wrong, don’t continue or you will have to wait for Apple’s approval again. Go back through the steps. When you do see this, click on No. Then click submit. Your beta app will be approved right away. 
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